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Events for Jan. 8-15 – Homes & Gardens – The Oregonian
GRANTS: To nonprofit groups for gardening projects relating to natural resource conservation, community improvement or environmental concerns. Requests are evaluated based on the community impact of the project.
Homes & Gardens – The Oregonian… –
Veg Plotting: My Garden’s Mission Statement
Anna (Flowergardengirl) wrote an amusing and excellent post a few days ago about the name she’s given to her garden. This was inspired by an article by Helen Yoest over at Gardening with Confidence who’s challenged us all to come up
Veg Plotting –
How To Build and Plant a Vegetable Garden
With the economy in the toilet and its fetid bottom likely yet to be fully exposed, it’s nice to know there is at least one sure fire way to save cash and see a good return on investment (ROI): Plant a Vegetable Garden.
Pinotblogger: the Capozzi Winery blog –
In the Garden: Drying Gourds
By tina
Poring over those plant catalogs and dreaming of this year’s garden? How about those gourds you grew last year? How are they doing? Well, mine are doing fine and are in the hands of Father Time as far as drying-easy for me!
In the Garden –
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