How To Automatically Irrigate … From Underground!

Want the most optimal answer to cultivating a vibrant, verdant lawn and garden? Think about installing an automatic sprinkler system underground. A smoothly functioning system will greatly reduce your workload while providing a stellar landscape.

An automatic underground watering system is essentially just a collection of underground pipes, sensors, valves, timers and other hardware that monitors and directs an assortment of pop-up sprinkler heads. Their name describes what they do: they “pop up” from beneath the surface at specific times and spray your lawn, garden or other foliage.

Some of these systems can also detect rain and ground moisture and will activate or otherwise adjust themselves as conditions indicate. In addition, they make sure the water is shut off at the proper time, and that “run-off” water on paved surfaces is limited. All of the above will save time and funds spent on water bills. These systems may also help you stay on the right side of the law in regard to water restriction regulations in your local area.

There’s another advantage to using an automatic underground irrigation system: Many manual sprinklers shoot water directly onto plants, which may deter their smooth growth. Conversely, many underground systems can be set to spray a fine mist over grass, gardens and other foliage, which often is a better way to irrigate them. However, the spray can also be adjusted to shoot a stream, which may be called for in certain situations.

If you already have some potted plants, or special trees and flowers that require watering, but you don’t want to irrigate any contiguous areas, then an automatic drip irrigation system set on low may be just the ticket. This will deprive water to weeds that may be lurking in these areas, in gardens, for example, because the system slowly drips water right onto the roots of only the right plants.

If you want high-quality equipment, supplies and advice, a competent irrigation supply company should be your first call. Their experts can also refer you to local irrigation contractors who will install and maintain your underground automatic sprinkler system in St. Louis.

Want to find out more about underground irrigation systems in St. Louis ? Then visit MPR Supply’s website for all your irrigation needs.

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