Wonder if You Should Seed Landscape in Fall or Spring?

Ever wonder whether or not you should be doing all of your landscape planting for your trees, perennials, turf as well as other plants in the spring or the fall time? If you didn’t realize, it is okay because most individuals don’t. Actually, the most common thing our company hear from our clients when it comes to planting is “we are going to wait until early spring to plant.”

The fact of the topic is that fall season is the absolute best time to lay your grass and do all your landscape. The drought of This year showed the importance of fall landscape planting more than any other year we have experienced in an exceedingly long while.

Some are calling the year “Landscaping Apocalypse.” We witnessed landscape clients who were very dedicated to watering their landscaping and doing the required steps to keep everything living lose a lot of the plants. Regrettably, the harsh summer season of 2012 ended up killing a lot of landscaping for even the most devoted home owners.

One thing that we did watch is that all of the landscaping that was dying was landscaping that had been planted during the spring. Clients that had planted during the fall on the other hand had zero issues with keeping their landscaping surviving. There is a very simple reason this is.

Planting in the fall time enables all of your landscaping to develop a powerful root system. Having a strong and penetrating root system is vital for your landscaping to flourish. If your landscaping has a superficial root system it will be striving in the heat to get the water it needs to survive.

Now, the 2012 drought our landscaping experienced was a one off heat spell. Don’t live in fear that if you do not plant in the fall of 2012 your 2013 landscaping will absolutely die. If we end up having a good year you’ll likely be fine. Having said that, this does offer testimony to the power of fall landscape planting.

Just imagine how well your autumn planted landscaping will perform if we do have a really good 2013. If you’d like less servicing and watering, making certain the plants have deep root systems permits the water in the deep dirt to do a large amount of work for you.

It’s just incorrect that planting in the spring is the ideal time to do your landscaping. If you desire a healthy landscape at your house for the spring and summer pre-winter landscape planting is definitely the path to take. Additionally, you will likely only have to do half of heavy lifting keeping up with and sprinkling your grass that following summer and spring.

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