How to Grow a Lawn From Seed

Everybody knows that growing a lawn from seed is the least expensive option to transform your garden with a new lawn. As such, if you are thinking about starting a new lawn from seed, you will need a little preparation, quality seeds, and a well-prepared soil. Keep on reading if you want to find out more about how you can grow a lawn from seed.

Choose a type of seed

Firstly, you need to opt for a type of grass which is right for your location and your budget. Secondly, you should think about the growing conditions. It’s important to know if you lawn will get full sun or partial sun exposure and if it will get a lot of traffic or if will be stepped on by pets.

Prepare your soil

Nowadays, most people choose to test their soil before growing the lawn. As such, if you want to see what type of soil you have, you can get your soil analyzed by the county. This way, you will know what amendments and nutrients you should add to improve its quality. Once you’ve decided where you want to plant your new lawn, you can start preparing your soil. Remove the old lawn, the debris, and the rocks, and try to fill it in low spots. This way you will get a compact soil and you can work it with a tiller. Moreover, if you want to improve your soil quality, you should mix it with sand and clay.

Spread the seed

For spreading the seed, it’s recommended to use a rotary spreader. This unit will help you cover a large area with seed. Make sure you use a fertilizer which is essential to seedlings because it is high in the nutrient phosphorous. After you spread the seed on the desired surface, you need to cover it by dragging over the seeded area with the back of a leaf rack.

Keep on watering

After all your efforts, make sure that every inch of your soil stays moist. Moreover, you need to water the lawn two or three times a day, until it has reached a mowing height. After that, you can start watering once or twice a week. Watering your lawn is very important, because if you let it dry out, it will die.


The maintenance of your lawn may be the most relaxing step of your activity. Once your new lawn is growing vigorously, it’s time to cut it. Consider to adjust your lawn mower to high settings, if you want to get a nice and thick lawn, otherwise you may have a problem with weeds.