Mediterranean Summer Kitchen Designs

If you want to build a summer kitchen in the near future, then you could opt for the Mediterranean style, which is absolutely wonderful. It is essential to get your inspiration from some examples, in order to know exactly where to start from and where to end your beautiful construction. Therefore, take a look at the following Mediterranean summer kitchen designs.

A stone fireplace will look amazing

A stone fireplace just like the one in the above picture will definitely look absolutely amazing. It will keep you warm during chilly days, and it will create an extremely pleasant and relaxing environment, where you and your family will feel super comfortable. It is not necessary to build a big fireplace like the one in this picture, you can go for a smaller one as well. Furthermore, a great idea would be to go for built-in appliances as well, and actually use the same type of stone. Place some comfortable seats close to the fireplace, and the entire place will look just amazing.

Opt for a built-in bar

If you want to make sure you will create not only a functional place but a comfortable one as well, then you need to go for a built-in bar, just like the one in the above picture. The most common colors used in Mediterranean kitchens are the earthy ones. Therefore, you should confidently choose any hue of brown or yellow. Beige will also look great, and it is highly recommended especially whet it comes to the walls. A wonderful seating area just like the one in this picture will look absolutely splendid. The built-in bar will provide you the necessary space for having dinner or just for enjoying a delicious coffee with your family. Do not forget about building a roof as well, in order to be able to use this summer kitchen, no matter the weather. Overall, a design just like the one in this example will definitely inspire you to build the summer kitchen of your dreams.

Do you have a big space? If so, then you are lucky

In case you have a big space for your outdoor kitchen, then you could opt for a design similar to the one from this photo. As you can see, you can actually place lots of furniture pieces. Go for tile floor, which is specific to this type of design, and opt for brick walls as well. Again, you need to use earthy colors. Different hues of brown will certainly make the whole place look fantastic. Place a massive wooden table with massive seats, and some comfortable wooden benches as well. Keep in mind that there are lots of things you can do, if you have a big space. Options are multiples, and you should go for a design that will help you create a functional and relaxing room. Moreover, do not forget to place all the necessary kitchen equipment such as the gas grill, microwave, refrigerator, and coffee maker as well. All these Mediterranean summer kitchen designs will definitely provide you the necessary inspiration so that you can obtain the desired result.