Tips for Finding the Right Snow Blower for Your Yard

The use of snow blowers has become more widespread because they’ve become more affordable and provide efficiency and durability. Either you want to choose a gas powered snow blower, or to buy an electric one, all snow blowers have proven their utility during the winter. Therefore, if you want to know some tips for finding the right snow blower for your yard, read the article below and learn more.

Types of snow blowers

There are three types of snow blowers: single-stage, two-stage and three-stage. They are all able to clear the snow, but first you have to know the differences between them and then choose the right one for you.

Single-stage snow blowers

The first type of snow blowers, single-stage snow blowers, are easier to handle and are lighter than the rest of the models. They throw the snow only once and they clear small flat walkways and driveways. Moreover, they can handle up to 8 inches of snow and they are not recommended for paved surfaces.

Two-stage snow blowers

These snow blowers are capable of throwing the snow twice and are designed to handle heavier snowfall. Because they don’t touch the ground, these snow blowers can be easily used on gravel and concrete and due to the fact that they are wider, you will be able to clear larger areas of snow. Also, they move the snow faster so they are perfect for areas with heavy snowfalls.

Three-stage snow blowers

As you can guess, three-stage snow blowers are capable of handling a lot of snow in a short time. They are very powerful and efficient and throw the snow up to 50 feet away. Also, they can crush the ice and they are even quicker than the two-stage models.

Know the differences between, electric, cordless electric or gas snow blowers

Electric snow blowers

They are lighter and more compact than the gas ones and they are more eco-friendly for the environment. Also, they are easy to use – you just need to push the start button, and they require less maintenance. In order to operate, they need a power cord, so you should check the length of the cord before buying an electric snow blower.

Cordless electric snow blowers

The cordless electric snow blows don’t require a power cord and they are very practical. Also, they require low maintenance and are very light and easily maneuverable.

Gas snow blowers

Gas snow blowers use gas in order to operate and since they aren’t tied to a power cord, they can be easily moved wherever you want. Also, they are more powerful than the electric snow blowers which means that they can clear more snow.

Consider how much snow do you need to clear

Since there are all sorts of snow blowers, you have to find the one that will clear all the snow. Usually, for light snowfalls, a single-stage-unit is sufficient, but if the quantity of snow is much heavier, you should consider buying a two-stage unit, because they have a larger engine. Also, you can also take into consideration the surface you need to clear and if the snow is lighter or heavier in your area.

Look for the best features

In addition to the information above, you also need to know that the snow blowers with the most features are more helpful for cleaning your yard. Therefore, you should look for features such as speed controls, power steering, large or dual tires, remote chute control, heated hand grips and so on. They are very helpful because they will ease your work, so looking for the best ones is absolutely necessary.