Warm Up the Chilly Fall Nights with a Cool Infrared Patio Heater

There is nothing more relaxing and beautiful than spending your summer nights outdoors looking at the sky and enjoying the pleasant wind. But what about when autumn comes and you have to get inside because the weather starts to get chilly and you can no longer stay outdoors the entire night? The answer is an infrared patio heater that will warm up the chilly fall nights and allow you to enjoy your patio all year round. And the following cool models are the perfect stylish options that will complement the design of your patio.

Why choosing a patio heater

You may wonder why we suggest a patio heater and the reason is very simple: it is more efficient and economical than other types of heaters. The infrared heat it emits feels like the warmth you get from the sun and it is absorbed by the body and objects on the patio without being lost in the air. This means you will feel warm and your chairs will feel warm too and the wind will not temper with your feeling of warmth.

Fire Sense 1500 Watt Electric Infrared Patio Heater

If simplicity is your idea of sophistication, this infrared patio heater is what you need to have at home. It is made of aluminum and it boasts a shiny design with a minimalist shape that can be easily fitted into any corner of the patio. The tall housing allows it to radiate heat from above so you will enjoy a pleasant warmth on a wide area and the telescopic pole is adjustable so you can decide how high or low you want the heater to be. Thanks to the sturdy base, there is no risk of tilting and the wheels allow for easy transportation.

EnerG+ Hanging Infrared Patio Heater

This compact outdoor heater is perfect for small patios because it takes no floor spaces and it contributes to the design of the patio. It radiates safe infrared heat that doesn’t disturb you in any way and the remote control makes it very easy for you to handle it. Thanks to the three individual lamps, you can adjust the intensity of the heat according to the outdoor temperature and it also includes LED bulbs that create a pleasant ambient light. The heater is available in silver and black to match any patio décor.

Wildon Home Easley Faux Stone Infrared Fireplace

For a more elegant and sophisticated design, you can opt for an infrared fireplace decorated in faux stone to match the outdoor details of your patio. The integrated thermostat allows you to set the desired temperature up to 21 degrees Celsius so you will enjoy a comfortable ambiance. Plus, the fireplace allows you to select between 5 different modes that include heat, flame, lighting, log, and sounds that will create the perfect environment.